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B O D Y   B Y   W H I T E

Is a innovative program designed to tighten and enhance your shape. Curated by celebrity trainer Rickel White, BBW uses high resistance and functional training to sculpt and shape your body specifically to its needs. 


BBW uses a mix of both controlled and explosive exercises to ensure delicate lines are formed during each workout. At the root of each movement, key focus is on core control to ensure posture and alignment.


Each session ensures, through a mix of cardio and resistance that both burning, sculpting and toning are achieved all in one. 


Rick's style has become hugely popular within the fitness industry and has become the go to guy in women’s fitness.


He believes our biggest and greatest investment is our bodies..we only have one!!!







Rick has been working within the fitness industry for over 10 years.


He has first-hand knowledge having gone through the highs and lows of firstly being an athlete and secondly being a fitness professional.

He has taken that knowledge forward to better the well being of others so that they can reach their full potential. He works directly one to one with his clients to ensure that their programs are all specific to their wants and needs. He strives to deliver fun, dynamic and achievable training sessions always leaving his client feeling completely satisfied.


Through he has complete understanding of each clients goals which allows him to achieve the most out of them above. Rick always lives by his logo - Can?You 

which ultimately means anything you want to achieve in life is always down to YOU.


- the answer is always "YES" we just have to make the decision to get up and do it? When you are feeling

demotivated ask yourself the question - Can You

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T H E 


Stay on track wherever you are. Travel and holidays should not be the excuse to lose sight of your goals but we understand how difficult this is. As a result, we create and offer private group holiday and travel packages globally.  Bespoke programmes tailored to your group or you as an individual on your trip. Prices on application.

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S T A R T   T R A I N I N G   T O D A Y

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"Training with Rick is my favourite addiction. He has completely transformed the way I work out. Every session he is able to push and motivate me, taking me from strength to strength. Rick’s knowledge and skill is exceptional. He is always on hand to offer advice and encouragement. Rick is a master of his trade and I would thoroughly recommend him to all."


Natalie Vassiliou




W H Y   

B B W ?

" I've been training with Rick for over a year now and can't stay away! Professional but fun - this is what working out should be about. I look forward to working with him more on the Body by White programme - I love that it's something a little bit different!"


Flora Beverley




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