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Body by White, curated by celebrity trainer Rickel White is hosting a women’s only workshop, focusing on functional high resistance training designed specifically to enhance and tighten your shape. Body by White has a strong focus on core movements creating delicate lines, all set to a specialized playlist allowing for an unparalleled vibe.


Be the first to experience the most talked about new training regime in women’s fitness.


Updated: Sep 29, 2018

Rickel was hired exclusively in Summer 2018 to train and prepare models for their upcoming shoot aboard a private yacht on the Amalfi Coast.

Taking his unique style from city to coast he created effective sessions that could be done both on the beach and boat each day.

Offering up both group and private sessions on the go, allowed models to fit there training in, during their busy shoot schedule.

Rick stayed on location with the group, so he was available 24/7 during their travel.

In addition, he worked alongside the private chef to customize the group meals during the week.

Body By White - Florida

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